Myobrace is a no-braces orthodontic approach to help straighten teeth and jaws.  Treatment addresses the poor oral habits (known as myofunctional habits) that are the real underlying causes of crooked teeth and uses light, intermittent forces to align the teeth. Myobrace treatment improves overall jaw and facial development.

For children to grow up with straight teeth they need the following:

– Lips together at rest
– The tongue resting in the roof of the mouth
– Breathing through the nose
– No lip or cheek movement on the subconscious swallow

Advantages over traditional methods:

Braces Myobrace
Straightens teeth
x Treats the causes of crooked teeth
x Minimizes root and enamel damage to teeth
x No braces
x No-one knows you’re having treatment
x Improved comfort over braces
x Easy to maintain good oral hygiene
x Removable and convenient
x No permanent retainers
x Wear for just 1-2 hours per day and while sleeping

From the above graph, we can see that if treatment starts at a young age with Myobrace this minimises the harsh reality of having to wear braces later on in a child’s life.

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