As their permanent teeth come in, it’s not unusual for kids to develop smile imperfections like excessive tooth spacing, malocclusions, bite misalignments, and teeth crowding. These conditions may also be caused or worsened by bad oral habits that include thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip wedging, and mouth breathing. At KIDS, our team specialise in orthodontic solutions that help parents ensure that their child enjoys the highest level of oral health possible as they grow and develop.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a dental speciality that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. In addition to completing a five-year degree in dentistry to specialised training in the field of orthodontics.

As a result, he is highly trained to provide a wide range of treatment options to straighten crooked teeth, fix improper bites, and align jaws correctly. In addition to teeth straightening, our dentist can also assist patients with misaligned bites, some forms of sleep apnea, and unwanted tooth movements caused by bad oral habits.

Orthodontic Services We Offer

To achieve optimal smile correction results, orthodontic treatments should begin between the ages of eight and 14.

At KIDS, we offer Clear Aligner orthodontic services in our practice:

Clear Aligners – As a modern approach to teeth straightening, Clear Aligners gently and discreetly realigns teeth using a series of clear plastic aligners. Since clear aligners trays are removable unlike traditional bands and wires, your child will be free from food restrictions and more likely to follow good oral hygiene practices. Each custom-made aligner is worn for approximately two weeks and only removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.

When to Start Pre-Orthodontics for Children

At KIDS, our pre-orthodontic services are intended to provide your child with the highest level of oral health possible as they grow and develop.

As a parent, these are several early signs to watch for that could indicate that your child may need braces in the future:

  • Crowded or out of place teeth
  • Overbite, underbite, or open bite (teeth don’t meet)
  • Consistent cheek biting, or biting the roof of the mouth
  • Jaw is out of proportion
  • Losing baby teeth early, late, or in an unusual pattern
  • Extended thumb sucking or pacifier use
  • Breathing through the mouth rather than the nose

During a pre-orthodontic exam, our dentist might recommend a palatal expander for your child, a bite-correction method that’s used to create more room for an adolescent’s permanent teeth. Palatal expansion is a particularly useful treatment for children with dental concerns like impacted teeth, a crossbite, or crowded teeth.

Palatal expanders are also an effective tool for treating issues beyond straight teeth for your child, like opening up the nasal passages for better breathing and sleep. The use of a palatal expander at a young age often eliminates the need for a tooth extraction later on to prepare your child’s mouth for braces.

What to Expect During Your Child’s Orthodontic Screening

Preventative care is critical for your child’s long-term oral health. The Australian Society of Orthodontics recommends that kids receive their first orthodontic screening before the age of eight. However, an early orthodontic screening doesn’t mean that we’ll need to outfit your eight-year-old with braces. Only a small number (roughly 10%) of children require any actual intervention at an early age.

In our initial orthodontic screening meeting, one of our dentists will evaluate your child’s face, jaws, mouth, and teeth to look for any potential spacing or bite-related issues. Early screening allows us to detect any potential problems with your child’s facial and jaw growth. We’ll also take a look at their permanent teeth development and location, as early detection can also prevent front tooth issues, gum problems, and the premature wear of baby teeth.

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Located in the heart of the Mackay Region, KIDS is a stress-free, enjoyable place for kids and their families to address a wide range of oral health-related issues the natural way. Led by Dr Hany, our orthodontic services have been created with care by a team of skilled professionals in an environment that is designed to be totally kid-friendly. To get started helping your kid achieve the smile of their dreams, book an appointment with one of our dentists today!

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