Airways and Sleep in Children

Is your child tired and cranky? Are they snoring or grinding? Are they restless sleepers? Do they have dark rings underneath their eyes?

“Have you considered having your child’s sleep evaluated?”

“Has your child been tested for allergies?”

“Has a dentist checked the growth and development of your child’s mouth?”

At KIDS our highly trained staff understand the domino effect of undiagnosed sleep and airway problems.

We understand that when your child cannot breathe through their nose, the only option is to breathe through their mouth., and that mouth breathing 24 hours a day, day in and day out, takes a toll on the development of their dental, airway, and facial development as well as their overall health and wellbeing.

Just because your child may be sleeping long enough doesn’t mean they are sleeping well. They may be snoring or breathing heavily, grinding their teeth, bed wetting or waking up tired of a morning. These are all signs that something is going on in their sleep and further investigation is needed.

Poor sleep can lead to;

  • poor concentration,
  • behavioural problems,
  • tantrums,
  • issues with learning,
  • anxiety,
  • defiant or contrary behaviour,
  • growth and development issues,
  • low IQ, and
  • other health-related problems

How can we help? 

Part of our routine assessments here at KIDS is to screen children for possible sleep and airway issues. We are able to provide treatment options and/or referrals to the right specialist to help ensure you and your child are getting a good night’s rest.

The sooner these sleep issues are picked up the better.

If you would like to have your child’s sleep and airways assessed, book an appointment today.

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