Craniofacial Therapy

A bodyworker is a professional who has a hands-on license to touch and extensive continuing education hours in CranioSacral therapy, Myofascial release, etc. A licensed professional may be an occupational, physical or speech therapist, chiropractor, osteopath, nurse, massage therapist, among others.

In some cases, a bodywork therapy approach may be needed before the tongue-tie surgery (otherwise known as a frenectomy) can be carried out. This is because your jaw or your baby’s jaw may be so tight that it causes a restriction of the mouth which will not allow easy access to the frenulum (the troublesome piece of the skin causing the tie). With a couple of sessions of bodywork therapy these muscles, and those causing the soft pallet to tighten, actually release and the baby is then able to open their mouth wide enough to allow access for the surgery. Having this treatment prior to a frenectomy* also improves the chances of a successful procedure. We provide outstanding comfort to both you and your baby before, during and after the procedure. Below is our room purposely designed for mothers and their babies.

If your baby has been living with a tongue-tie and not feeding well, they may have developed some habits which have caused ineffectual feeding. This can, at times be painful for mum if the baby is breastfed. We have heard reports that with a successful frenectomy, followed by bodywork therapy, a baby is able to correct the poor feeding habits which allows for a much more relaxed and effective feeding routine. Oftentimes this therapy may only be needed to release the tight muscles in the neck – which were caused by the tongue-tie. This then allows your baby to turn their head in order to gain better access to the breast.

Bodywork Therapy is a gentle form of stretching and manipulation of the cranial muscles. The practitioner may also be required to provide gentle manipulation of the spine. It is recommended that only someone with specialist knowledge and practice conduct this form of therapy on infants.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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