OM for Adults

When you experience an orofacial disorder as an adult it can often be debilitating, interfering with your everyday life. The good news is, after carrying out a course of orofacial myology exercises, you can be on your way to taking back control of your health.

Common issues we see in adults are;

  • Lip and/or tongue tie restrictions leading to incorrect muscle function and symptoms such as facial/jaw/neck pain,
  • Sleep disorders and snoring which is commonly associated with the airway musculature and tongue resting position,
  • Jaw / TMJ Pain,
  • Open mouth breathing,
  • Oral habits such as nail-biting.

When people are in pain, they recruit additional muscles to do the everyday activities of chewing, swallowing, speech and facial expression. This can increase pain and excessive strain in the joint and muscles.

Identifying and treating muscle dysfunction by toning and strengthening the muscles helps to reduce pain and improve range of motion. Research has shown that patients undergoing orofacial myology have a significant reduction in pain, an increased range of motion in their jaw and reduced frequency and severity of signs and symptoms.

How can we help? 

To help you, we work on things such as;

  • the position of your tongue and lips when at rest,
  • chewing and swallowing patterns,
  • the way you breathe,
  • strengthening particular muscles,
  • developing motor skills to improve your control over your orofacial muscles

We work alongside our specially trained dentists to ensure you get the best possible outcome of your treatment, whether that be for a lip and/or tongue tie release, TMJ pain, orthodontics or snoring laser treatment.

The most important thing to remember is that you are working towards a long-term goal of restoring balance to your life.

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