Denti-Care Payment Plan

KIDS likes to provide you with options to help you achieve the best oral healthcare outcomes.

To do this, we are able to provide specialist dental payment solutions to eligible patients*.

If you have a treatment cost that needs to be spread over a period of time to help you manage the overall cost, KIDS utilise a Denti-Care payment plan solution. We understand that treatment can be expensive but we do not want you and your family to miss out due to price. We believe everyone has the right to great dental health regardless of income.

When are you eligible for this payment plan? Once you have completed our New Patient Experience and have a Treatment Plan created to meet your needs, based on a minimum spend for the treatment, you will be entitled to apply for Denti-Care payment plan.

What is the Cost?

The only cost to you for accepting this payment plan is a $39 establishment fee and administrative set-up fee charged by KIDS. There are no ongoing account or interest charges.

What is the length of the Payment Plan?

Depending on the overall cost of your treatment, the terms can range from 6 to 24 months. We will discuss this with you when we talk through the options.

What makes me eligible to apply for a Payment Plan?

You are required to answer four criteria assessment questions as part of the application process. If you pass this criteria, you will then be able to set up the payment plan to enable your treatment to commence.

Contact Us today for more information.

* Minimum spend and Credit Criteria are required to allow acceptance to Denti-Care Payment Plan.

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