Meet Dexter, Our Therapy Dog

We are so excited for your children to meet our therapy dog Dexter who helps take care of our anxious and nervous patients before and after their visit.

Dexter is a Cavoodle, a combination of the King Charles Cavalier and Miniature Poodle breeds. Dexter is very smart but quite laid back and always loves a cuddle!

We understand coming to KIDS can be quite daunting, but with the help of Dexter, we hope to make your appointment even more enjoyable!

Studies have shown what positive impact animals have on children with reducing stress and we hope to continue this with our families at KIDS.

Dexter fun time with the kids at the Practice.

Dexter with Yindee

Dexter with Connor and Aiden

Dexter with Connor and Aiden

Drop in and say “Hi” to Dexter and give him a cuddle!

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