OM and Orthodontics

Are you having Invisalign as an adult to straighten your teeth after having orthodontics when you were younger? 

Have you ever wondered why your teeth moved and you need treatment again? 

Did you know, where your tongue rests in your mouth can interfere with maintaining your beautiful straight smile after Orthodontics? 

A tongue that is not sitting up in the roof of your mouth can create a light continuous force against your teeth. If this continues after orthodontics, your teeth may move. This can happen even if you are wearing retainers.

How can we help?

Orofacial Myology helps to correct muscle function to help stop any relapse in your orthodontic treatment, therefore ensuring the best long-term outcome and longevity of your investment.

Our OM Programs are designed with a long-term lifestyle change in mind.

If you have concerns that your tongue may be causing your teeth to move, contact us today.

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