Thumbsucking Program

Did you know that thumb sucking can cause speech issues and impact the development of your child’s airways, face, and jaws?

Thumb sucking is often thought of as just a habit that your child will grow out of but prolonged thumb sucking can cause so many problems for your little one including;

  • tongue thrust,
  • excessive overjet/overbite,
  • incorrect jaw and facial development,
  • high and narrow arch palate,
  • errors with speech articulation (such as a lisp,
  • nail and skin infections,
  • repeated worm infections.

It’s important to note that if your child needs to have speech therapy or orthodontic treatment due to a thumb sucking habit it is important to stop the habit first.

How can we help? 

Our Certified Thumbsucking Clinic Provider will ensure that both you and your child understand why they are sucking in a fun and informative discussion with no judgement or criticism. Thumb sucking is often an addiction and we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be.

We believe in taking a personalised approach, listening and understanding, and high-fives. Our goal is to help families escape the frustrations of thumb sucking and its impact on your child’s growth and development – no matter your child’s age.

What does treatment involve?

The first step is to come in for a comprehensive assessment. At this appointment, we will gather a detailed history, perform a thorough intra-oral and extra-oral assessment, screen for any sleep, airway, and/or developmental issues that may be contributing, and take photos and measurements.

We will then collaborate this information and determine, along with our qualified dentists and allied-health team, what may be contributing to your child’s sucking habit, if any underlying issues need to be addressed before we try and break the habit and the best course of treatment for your individual child.

In order to break the habit, it may be suggested that a QUIT Program is carried out over a 4 month period with our Certified Thumb Sucking Clinic Provider. Our clinically proven QUIT program is designed to empower and encourage your child to break their habit for good. You’ll also learn personalised strategies on what you can do to help reduce the impact of their thumb or finger sucking habit, and most importantly, you can put a take some pressure off yourself, and sit back as we help you through one of your most difficult parenting woes.

To find out more about our Thumb Sucking Program and how we can help, contact us at KIDS.

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