Certified Myobrace Provider

The caring way to correct your jaw and teeth.

No doubt you have all known someone who has had braces in the past. Do you remember high school friends having braces? The pretty colours of their elastics and their infectious smiles after the braces came off, along with the constant rubbing of their tongue over their teeth. But more than that do you remember the complaints and inconveniences: of pain after having their braces tightened, of having to go to the bathroom after eating lunch to brush their teeth; and of having to wear a retainer after the braces came off. These complaints are now going to be distant memories and old wives tales because orthodontics has developed a much kinder (and fashionable) way to improve your oral health.

Mybroce is another movement in the direction of holistic dentistry. This is because Myobrace doesn’t just realign your teeth: it corrects the underlying problem which has caused your teeth to become crooked. Further, it minimises the root, enamel, gum and lip damage caused by traditional braces. The Myobrace treatment is best suited for children between the ages of 6 – 10 years making adjustments prior to adolesces. KIDS is excited to be able to provide this service as the only Certified Myobrace Provider within the North Queensland region. We believe every child has the right to have access to services that will not only improve their symptoms but treat the cause. Providing them with the best start to live in oral health.

Myobrace is essentially a mouth-guard like device which has been specifically moulded to fit your mouth (we can do this in our Impression Room). By simply wearing this device for 1-2 hours daily and at night when you sleep, it lightly puts pressure on the areas of your mouth which have caused your teeth to misalign. By doing this, plus additional exercises, your jaw will eventually reshape and your teeth will straighten. Because you don’t have to wear it all off the time, it allows you to maintain your good oral hygiene practices.

At KIDS Mackay we endeavour to practice holistic dentistry which is why we have become a Certified Myobrace Provider. This is because we want to ensure that whatever has caused your child’s teeth to misalign, is rectified early and will not cause them further trouble later on in life. Plus, there are other benefits, aside from straightened teeth, to having your jaw correctly aligned. These include improved airflow through the mouth, potential to correct a snoring issue, aids in correct swallowing practices etc.

KIDS Education Area

Come and see at KIDS and we can show you, and your child, all of the benefits of Myobrace using our Education Area. This is an area which is designed to be unintimidating so as to ease your child when they are nervous about the treatment. Click here for more information about the step-by-step process of obtaining Myobrace or contact us to make an appointment.

We offer Complimentary Myobrace Consultations. Submit the form below and we will get back to you shortly to arrange your Complimentary Consultation.

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