Treatment under sedation – what are your options?

Visiting the doctor is not everyone’s habit. Especially children, whenever they hear words like doctor or dentist or clinic, they usually associate it with something painful. While most of our patients feel calm and confident whenever they visit the practice, there are still those kids who feel anxious and scared before or during the treatment. While our team at KIDS is focused on making our patients feel relaxed, secured and comfortable, sometimes a child needs more support.

At KIDS, we use general anesthesia and happy gas – commonly known as a safe anesthetic for kids and adults – providing a painless and relaxed feeling for the entirety of the dental treatment. This way, a child will not be able to feel anything during the process. Couple this with something to distract them, probably music or a video, and they will no longer feel like they are in session.

If you wish to have happy gas during your child’s dental treatment, here are things you need to know:

  • Happy gas is diffused through a mask, where the anesthetic is absorbed by the lungs.
  • You can expect a light tingling sensation—but no hangover effects!
  • Inhalation of the gas is perfectly safe and won’t have an impact on the brain and lungs.

This process is proven to be very effective and safe for children. So many parents have already tried this and loved the idea that their children did not experience anything traumatic during the process. Also, children who had this kind of anesthesia no longer have fears when it comes to visiting their dentists. Indeed an effective and efficient way for children. To learn more about our treatments, or to book an appointment with us, please contact our team at KIDS.

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