What is Oral Facial Myology Therapy?

There is little doubt that many children develop irregular teeth for no other reason than when they hang their mouth open for long periods of time. To some extent, this can be corrected by parents who are strict about their children keeping their mouth closed. But if it is not attended to when the child is very young, it might be wise to seek the assistance of one of our Educators.

Essentially, Educators will train children to keep their mouth closed and swallow with their tongue on their palate where it should be. They do this by giving them a series of exercises, where a lot of children’s dental issues can be helped by this.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to change one’s posture – particularly the subconscious posture of a child’s lips and tongue, but it is certainly worth trying to have these exercises.

Alternatively, your child can get an orthodontic appliance which can train the child to keep his/her mouth shut – but in turn can cause your child a bit of a discomfort especially when there is a machine attached.

But ultimately, whatever method you choose for your child, it is very important to let your children know and remind them of the importance of keeping their mouth closed, keep their tongue on their palate and their lips together.

This certainly will ensure a nice looking row of teeth plus a good looking face which your child will thank you for!

To know more about Oral Facial Myology, we have our very own Ali, one of our educators at KIDS, talking about what it is.

If you think your child could benefit from the exercises of the OM Therapy, schedule a consultation with us so we can find out what the best approach for your child will be.

Your child deserves the best!

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