Holistic Dentistry

What is it and how are we embracing it?

At DentalCareXtra we are continually striving to better our services. We are a Quality Innovation Performance Accredited Specialist, meaning we have demonstrated our commitment to providing excellence in dentistry. Part of our commitment to excellence is our growing interest in providing holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry is a relatively new approach wherein we look at the mouth and throat as one part of the bigger organism that is the human body. When your computer isn’t working you check everything from the cables to the device itself. Holistic dentistry does the same. New evidence is mounting regularly to show that signs which may manifest in the mouth may have far-reaching implications for the rest of your body. For example, you may remember reading one of our earlier blogs wherein we said that correct tongue placement can improve your sleep. That diagnosis would be classified as a holistic dentistry diagnosis.

As we said, holistic dentistry is a new approach, however, the benefits are far-reaching. Holistic dentistry allows for the diagnosis and potential treatment of whole body ailments. Whilst the dentist cannot diagnose a problem in your stomach (for example) he/she is able to identify that the orally manifested problem may not necessarily be the cause of the ailment. They are then able to pass on their thoughts and a list of symptoms to your GP or another practitioner who can identify and treat the whole body problem. This means that the patient is getting a better degree of care than just a ‘band-aid’ fix.

Holistic approaches also treat the human mind. A way in which we have taken this into consideration is with our therapy dog, Dexter. His job is to ease the stress and anxiety of some patients. Some practices treat the mind differently by offering aromatherapy and massage services as a way of easing their patient’s anxiety. That is the beauty of holistic approaches; they are all-encompassing. One of our most impactful holistic approaches is in our choosing to stop the use of amalgam as a filler. Amalgam can break down, leak and just generally cause more problems for the mouth. As such we offer the service of removing your existing amalgam fillings and replace them with more sustainable, natural products like porcelain and our tooth coloured resins. These other products are more compatible with the body whilst also being able to sustain the rigours of chewing.

Whilst we are not yet in a position to label ourselves as a strictly holistic dentistry service, we are continuing our research into the area and may in future develop more treatments which are considered holistic.

In the meantime, if you are interested in more information on holistic dentistry or want to know how we can help you in a holistic manner please contact our office or make an appointment using the link.

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