Dexter – Calming Influence

KIDS Mackay’s Therapy Dog Dexter takes care of our anxious and nervous patients visiting our practice.

Dexter is a Cavoodle so he is perfect for his job of a therapy dog.

A bit about Cavoodles: Cavoodles are a combination of King Charles Cavalier and Miniature Poodle. The aim of crossbreeding was to minimise genetic diseases that can be present in purebred dogs. But the other benefit is that they have the laid-back nature of the King Charles and the smarts of the poodle.

Cavoodles don’t really shed their coat and are tolerated by most allergic people. Their coats need regular combing and brushing and the occasional professional grooming session which Dexter loves.

The Cavoodle personality is lively and affectionate, they love being part of the family and participating in activities. They have a very gentle nature and make wonderful companions for children.

Cavoodles are often used as therapy dogs at nursing homes and hospitals where they visit along with other dogs for therapy sessions with the nursing home residents. Both the cavoodles and the residents benefit from these visits but it is so important for the residents to have a different kind of company in the form of a small, fluffy and cute dog.

Cavoodles have also become fantastic companions for children with medical problems and this has brought outstanding results to the life and comfort and to the progress of treatment for these children.

Dexter’s role at KIDS Mackay is to alleviate any nervousness or anxiety that children can experience when they first come to a dental practice.

Who could not feel their anxieties disappear when meeting this bundle of fluff?

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