What can your children’s dentist do for you?

Here at KIDS we look at Children’s Dentistry as a holistic approach for your child. We want to provide not only treatment to the symptoms but also to the cause to hopefully limit issues later on in life. Focusing on children’s dentistry allows the dentists at KIDS to understand their smaller patients and interact with them differently to how they would adults. We also want to make sure that when you bring your child in to KIDS our children’s dentistry area provides a space that is enjoyable to make visiting the dentist part of your routine. At KIDS we take out time to explain all requirements and treatment options to the parents so they are able to make an informed decision on their children’s dentistry.

Our children’s dentists are trained and knowledgeable in the following areas to be able to provide an overall dentistry experience:

  • Identify and treat all matter of dental diseases specific to children. They are also able to advise families and children on how to prevent these diseases;
  • Provide dental treatment to children suffering from medical, physical and intellectual conditions which may cause behavioural complexities such as ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s syndrome;
  • Liaise and work with other specialists to provide treatment for children who have medical conditions which need comprehensive care. Sometimes this care needs a dentist to work in conjunction with other professionals in order to provide a holistic solution for particular ailments;
  • Provide treatment and management of dental injuries to both primary and permanent teeth. This can include missing teeth, extra teeth and broken teeth as well as enamel defects, dental caries and fissure sealants.
  • Provide specialist treatment of problems caused from abnormal eruption of teeth.

The most striking aspect of our children’s dentistry is that our dentists are trained to administer neonatal care. That is, the dentists at KIDS are skilled in providing care right from the time a child is born. These treatments include checking oral and facial growth and development, providing guidance on when and how to brush infant teeth as well as providing nutritional advice. Moreover, they are equipped to carry out procedures on small children including surgical treatment of lip and tongue-ties and are able to provide after surgery care. Further, children’s dentists can provide advice to mothers who are experiencing breast or bottle attachment issues.

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