Apps which improve your child’s oral health

We review four oral hygiene apps which will make parenting a little easier.

As the new working year gains momentum, we understand that it may be hard re-establishing a good oral hygiene routine, particularly if you are a parent. And with school starting again shortly, that job is bound to get even tougher.

But we have good news for parents, thanks to the fabulous innovators of these four apps. We have selected these apps (amongst the plethora of others) that are designed to improve your child’s oral health. Each of the apps is free and available on Apple and Android devices. Here are our reviews:

Disney Magic Timer

Age demographic: 5-15 – or any Disney lover

Oral B and Disney have chosen to focus on a common parenting qualm with this app: getting your child to brush for longer. Their solution is to use popular Disney characters to demonstrate correct brushing technique. These characters also time the length of each brush and reward correct length with stickers. Many of your child’s favourite Disney, Disney XD, Disney Channel, Marvel and Star Wars characters are on board. Naturally, there is a degree of marketing involved with this app: if you buy specially marked Oral B products, you can access extra sticker books.

Brush Teeth with the Wiggles

Australia’s favourite early childhood band has teamed up with Australian Unity to create an app designed to help with brushing length and technique. This app is unique in the only way Wiggles can be – by signing a song about brushing. The Wiggles sing the actions needed for brushing (including spitting) and the video shows children mimicking these actions. After each successful brushing, the children earn virtual trophies to put in their Wiggles cabinet.

Brush DJ

This is another app which has a primary focus on brushing length, however, Brush DJ’s approach is different. As the name suggests, this app uses music to make brushing more fun. Another draw of this app is that it has a catalogue of music which is suitable and enjoyable for children of any age. It also connects to Spotify and Deezer so even Mum and Dad can get into it!

Chomper Chums

This app targets children in the early years, when they are developing their dental hygiene routine. Chomper Chums features three avatars: a blue lion, green crocodile/alligator and pink horse, which teach children how to brush correctly, ensuring they reach all quadrants of the mouth. It also has a unique way to ensure brushing is timed correctly, by allowing children to chase a ‘sugar bug’ around each quadrant for 30 seconds.

This app also has a wider focus, but unlike the other apps, Chomper Chums focuses on overall health. They use the interactive nature of the app to teach children about healthy food choices. Users will have to care for the avatar (who they get to name) by feeding it healthy food. If they choose unhealthy options, their avatar loses health. Avatars are also rewarded with ‘adventures’ if the child brushes for a number of consecutive days.

We know that some parents are against extra screen time, but if the screen time benefits your child’s oral health, an extra 5 minutes a day to play with these apps is okay by us!

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