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Straight teeth the natural way

No doubt you have known someone who has had braces. Do you remember looking around the playground at high school where so many teens had braces? Do you look at your own child and know that when they hit “the age” you will start the path of orthodontics with braces and correcting their crooked teeth?

What if we told you, that you do not need to wait until they are 14 to look at braces? You can provide your child with an alternative method of straightening teeth using the pre-orthodontic system Myobrace.

The Myobrace is already being used worldwide by orthodontists and dentists, and here at KIDS we are excited to be the only Certified Myobrace Provider within the Central and North Queensland region servicing from Rockhampton, west to Clermont and Moranbah, Mackay, Charters Towers, Townsville and up north to Innisfail and Cairns.

The Myobrace does not only address crooked teeth but looks at other issues such as snoring, mouth breathing and clenching. Our certified, fully trained and dedicated Myobrace Educators will provide your child with a thorough initial exam to find out the cause of the issue and provide you with details about how the Myobrace can address these issues. It also minimises the root, enamel, gum and lip damage caused by traditional braces.

The suitable age for Myobrace is 6-10 years, so you can get your child started with realignment years before they reach the “suitable” age for braces, thus allowing for the jaw to develop correctly as your child matures. However, Myobrace can also be assigned to teenagers and adults, find out more here. The Myobrace is similar to a mouth-guard device which has been specifically moulded to your child’s mouth for the perfect fit. By simply wearing this device for 1-2 hours daily and at night when your child sleeps, it lightly puts pressure on the areas of the mouth which have caused your child’s teeth to misalign. By doing this, plus additional exercises, your child’s jaw will eventually reshape and their teeth will straighten. Because your child doesn’t have to wear it all the time, it allows your child to maintain good oral hygiene practices.

Here at KIDS, we have created a dedicated Education Centre for the Myobrace where your child can continue their exercises and have access to treatment best suited for their individual needs. We have dedicated this centre to Myobrace to enable children to have a positive experience when correcting oral health problems. KIDS have a treatment plan for each patient to help understand what is required. We provide all our patients with follow-up speciality care as an ongoing service so you never feel like you are trying to do it on your own. Our dedicated Myobrace Educators are readily available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Since KIDS is a Certified Myobrace Provider, we have the full support of Myobrace Australia, giving us access to new information and always allowing us to further our skills and training making sure we provide our patients with the best care.

You and your family’s oral health is important to us, and we know life gets busy, which is why we are here to provide you with the support and guidance you require to get the best results from Myobrace for your individual circumstances.

Come and see us at KIDS and we can show you how the Myobrace can be beneficial for your child and their oral health!

For more information on Myobrace, please do not hesitate to contact KIDS. Alternatively, complete the form below, and one of our friendly team members will contact you.

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