Are your KIDS as Healthy as they can be on the court

Are your KIDS as Healthy as they can be?  Pre-Orthodontics Treatment may be able to help.

Here at KIDS, our team of children’s dentists are highly experienced in identifying, managing and correcting Oral Health issues in early childhood. In the good old bad old days, children with misaligned teeth had to wait years for a teenage metal brace that was uncomfortable and far from discreet. Any root causes of poor alignment or under-developed jaws went untreated at the crucial early stage and a child’s confidence could be badly affected.

Not anymore!

Children aged four and up benefit enormously from early intervention if they are developing crooked teeth, bite problems or poor oral habits. Signs may include:

  • Early or late loss of baby teeth (your child should typically start losing teeth around the age of five, and will usually have all his / her permanent teeth by the age of thirteen)
  • Difficulty chewing and/or biting
  • Mouth breathing
  • Your child continues sucking his or her thumb
  • Speech impediments
  • Protruding teeth (the top teeth and the bottom teeth extend away from each other)
  • Teeth that don’t come together in a normal manner, or at all
  • Shifting of the jaw when your child opens or closes his or her mouth (crossbites)
  • Crowded front teeth developing around the age of seven or eight
  • Jaw clenching
  • Teeth grinding
  • Snoring

One of our team will be able to talk to you about pre-orthodontics at the KIDS practice in North Mackay when we undertake our next Health Check

Among the topics we will cover:

  • Early signs that possible if intervention is required
  • Common treatment options
  • Benefits of improved health

For more information and to book a complimentary pre-orthodontics consultation to identify any potential issues early on, please contact our friendly KIDS team on:

  • (07) 3186 5738
  • PM us at
  • Lodge online enquiry

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