Our Community

KIDS is proudly locally owned and operated to give you the optimal service and care that we believe we need to deliver to you and your family.

We are not bound to any Health Fund as a “Contract Dentist” where your needs come secondary to what the Health Fund is willing to pay for your treatment.

KIDS has been created with care by DentalCareXtra, which offers our community with the widest range of care, to provide you with a one-stop care approach for all our patients.

DentalCareXtra has developed a reputation for delivering care to the community of Isaac and Mackay region, along with providing specialist services that attract patients from Rockhampton, Central Highlands.

Patient feedback and a clear understanding of needs have allowed us to create services that meet the needs of our patients to give the best possible treatment and care.

We also enjoy being part of the community through events and sponsorship. Our most recent was the Variety Jet Trek 2017.

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