Health Funds

At KIDS we believe that you deserve the best care regardless of your wallet size! That is why we choose to remain unaffiliated with any provider but allow you to claim via HICAPS to minimise the gap.

We don’t believe people should be dictated to by health funds on the treatment they need by what premium they pay. We know money can be tight, but that should not be the reason you do not receive the care you need! If you have regular visits, it helps to minimise more expensive treatment in the long run.

Children deserve the best start in life and we want to provide the health tools and knowledge to them so they can implement healthy changes from a young age. We understand that as a parent that it can be tough, stressful and sometimes just frantic that the last thing you think of is oral health and training your children for better health.

Did you know that most health funds are owned by private enterprises and are always looking for ways to have the best return on their investment? That is why we want to provide for our families and not worry about what any health fund says.

We also do not believe that people should go to a clinic-based on where their provider tells them. We have flexible payment options to ensure you receive the treatment you and your child need.

Is your healthcare right for you?

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