What Is Unique About KIDS

KIDS has been specially designed to meet the desires of its families based on a deep understanding of types of care and treatment which give our KIDS the optimal outcomes. From an engaging and colourful waiting room, the Myobrace Education Centre, through to the Care Rooms (or otherwise know as Treatment Rooms)… We have created spaces both you and your child will love.

Great care and attention to detail have gone into developing KIDS. From fun activities to keep kids busy with iPads and PlayStation, through to fun characters and a colourful environment; it all makes KIDS a fun and enjoyable place your kids will want to return to. No more fighting in the car about heading to the dentist! It can be a place you look forward to relaxing with your child.

KIDS has also created a Nurture Room for pre and post care, and privacy for our Lip and Tongue Tie Care. With a soft, gentle and nurturing environment, this Nurture Room is separated from the rest of the practice and provides privacy and care when you need it most.

It’s so good that you will be reluctant to leave!

KIDS takes a holistic approach – why is it different?

We want to find out exactly what the cause of the issue is, not just mask the symptoms. By having a whole family approach to improve the outcomes, not just for your child but also for the whole family, KIDS aims to show the family the correct path and better start for a longer and healthier life.

KIDS believes that parents should be setting the example for their children and without educating the entire family, how will the children learn what is best?

We know life is busy and that is why we want to help you provide the tools to your child to understand what is needed for a healthy routine.

KIDS’ health is a big jigsaw puzzle with many different elements and aspects, and if you think that only one health professional can fix all your child’s problems, think again!

The reality is that your child needs a team of professionals who are willing to cross bridges and look at the problem from all the aspects through the eyes of other health professionals.

The traditional way of thinking is to medicate the symptoms without looking at the root cause of the problem. We’ve come to think of illness as a catalogue of problems to be solved, but we tend not to think enough about wellness.

By looking at the human body and its wellbeing as a complex structure, we can no longer think that we can treat a problem in one area and ignore the rest.

Children and young people should be treated as thinking, feeling people who are members of a family and who have a range of strengths and needs. Health professionals should consider all these, not just the health problem the child or young person has that day.

The health of children determines their health as adults, so by giving the young kids the best chance at the start of their life, we set them on a better track for adulthood. The goal is to encourage as many kids as possible to enter their adulthood with maximum potential for health and wellbeing uncompromised.

What is a multidisciplinary approach to kids’ health? This means multiple health professionals sharing their expertise to provide the best possible treatment and outcomes for your child.

Once an infant is born and checked at the hospital for all vital signs and responses for general health, they get to be discharged and go home with parents. Thinking about it in simple terms as parents always say “my baby feeds, sleeps and poos” and if we take the sleeping out of the sentence, we can see that the baby feed and poo, that is a whole one system of the human body called the digestive system.

As the knowledge increases of the importance of feeding in early infancy and childhood, the function of feeding “correctly ” has become an area of focus to enforce the correct function from the start.

At this early stage of life, a team approach consists of Lactation Consultant, Chiropractor, Speech Pathologist, Dentist, Midwife, Podiatrist, Nutritionist who can share their wide knowledge and expertise to improve the functionality as early as possible. Having multiple professionals allows for better holistic approach to the problem and improve the final outcomes for your child.

The holistic health assessment to provide your child with the best start to life! We know it can be challenging being a parent, with everyone offering their two cents on every topic. However, we are here to provide you with facts so you can make an informed decision.

There are many factors to consider in determining the child’s entire picture of health.

Nutritional: Nutrients are needed to provide energy and assist in the functioning of many bodily processes. We will spend the time to look at what your child eats on a regular basis and ask questions to get a full picture of the child’s lifestyle and eating habits.

We believe that even simple changes to your child’s diet can improve their health considerably. We know it can be hard with work and multiple children but with the correct tools and knowledge, we look forward to stepping you through what can be sometimes a very confusing and time-consuming task to provide the correct foods to your child.

Structural: The structure of the body includes the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems. The components of these systems give the body support to stand upright and move around in all directions. The nervous system controls nerve impulses from the brain that stimulate important organs and tissue of the body. Improper spinal alignment may cause patterns of strain and impede the flow of nerve impulses and energy to certain organs and tissues, which can result in pain or disease. Chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial in aligning the spine and unblocking the nerve flow. The head is made up of many bones and muscles including both jaws, teeth, lips and tongue that are supposed to move gently in synchronisation with one another to allow for the proper movement of fluids. Craniosacral work is the gentle movement of the bones and muscles of the head and sacrum. Practitioners who do this work are usually chiropractors or osteopaths who can also do gentle spinal manipulations for children.

Musculature: The muscles around the head should be able to move freely without any restrictions or tension. When there is any restriction of the muscles, it should be released to allow for better free function of these muscles. Apart from the muscles around the head and spine, oral muscles such as tongue, lips and cheeks can become restricted with what’s known as ties or frenum. These oral ties limit the proper function of these muscles and cause tension and poor function which in turn affects the head, jaw and spinal bones. The effect of these ties, if left untreated, carries on lifetime impacts on the whole body.

Healing Vs Curing: We have been used to calling upon doctors to cure us. Curing means the elimination of signs and symptoms of a disease, treatment with drugs or other methods may help to cure the symptoms. However, unless the underlying issues are identified, symptoms may occur. Healing goes deeper than curing and occurs when the root cause is overcome. Therefore at KIDS, we look for the source of the problem rather than treating just the symptoms.

At KIDS, we are seeking the root cause of symptoms and deal with these causes to achieve a long-term healing and improved transition to the adulthood stage of life. A proper and thorough assessment of children from as early as one day old by a group of professionals to evaluate the infant functionality will help to allow for early detection of issues that may impact on their life in the future.

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