Our Scope of Care

Here at KIDS, we understand that you are busy, and finding the correct care for your child can be a minefield.

That is why we believe that it takes a wide collection of trained health professionals to deliver you the best outcome for your child and your family.

Dr. Google may be quick to use but it certainly does not answer all your questions sufficiently. Believe us, we have searched! For example, a child that mouth breathes may have issues related to airways, posture and teeth formation.

That is why here at KIDS, we have over 20 years of experience to recognise a range of underlying health issues that connect and relate to a range of other health conditions. KIDS has created a service that meets the needs and requirements of the families we care for. We want our families to feel free to ask the questions they have always wanted to know the answers too.

We believe that it is not just one health professional that can help a child, but many working together to help the child improve in all areas. We provide a natural approach to caring for our KIDS’ health, and have partnered with these trusted professionals to give you the best advice and treatment options that suit you and your child’s needs.

Our core service centres around oral health and function, and is fully supported for our Lip and Tongue Tie care along with Chiropractors to provide pre and post-procedure care. We deliver you and your family solutions and options through nurturing for your kids’ health in the most natural way so that you get the best long-term health for your kids and your entire family.

We are here for you and your family to provide outstanding health care.

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