How Does Myobrace Work?

Factors such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting and incorrect swallowing all impact the form and function of the teeth. The Myobrace System is designed to address these root cause issues which impact on the look and form of your kid's teeth, for long term health of the mouth and body.  


The Myobrace device trains the tongue to apply light pressure on the hard palate which, over time, will allow the palate to reshape. Coupled with the Myobrace activities and correct tongue placement, the teeth align to their designated position, often, without extractions.


To understand how poor oral habits affect the way the teeth and jaws grow, take a moment to watch the video below. It also explains how correcting these habits can align the teeth and jaws, as well as help your kid to reach their full genetic potential.


For more information on how Myobrace works, please contact KIDS Mackay.  

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